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About Roy Chan, P. Eng.

Roy is a registered professional engineer with the Professional Engineers of Ontario since 1990. He is also a member of RCI (Roofing Consultants International) Inc. of US.

After graduating with a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Manitoba in the late 70’s, Roy worked with one of the largest HVAC manufacturing companies (Carrier International) in technical sales and marketing. After a few years, he moved on to a large engineering consulting firm in Toronto as a design engineer providing design work as well as managing the mechanical CAD program as well as running building energy designs with software simulation programs.

In the beginning of the 90’s, he worked in the area of a special energy consultant in helping building owners to update existing buildings with energy measures and design features to save on wasteful energy costs.

In 1993, Roy bought a franchised home inspection business and started performing thousands of residential and commercial buildings throughout South West Ontario for about 10 years. After the franchised period had expired in 2003, Roy started Consumers Choice Property Consultants Inc. and has been running the company ever since.

In the fall of 2004, Roy expanded his knowledge base in Infrared Thermography and became a certified Level 1 thermographer. Since then, he has updated to Level 2 and with this certification, he can provide thermal scanning on most building related, diagnostic analysis.

Coming in full circle, as NRCan (Natural Resources Canada) announced the energy initiative in benchmarking 7 types of buildings in Canada in the beginning of 2018, Roy seized the opportunity in going back to the energy management field in which he is passionate about to help building owners in saving energy, water consumptions and reducing green house gas to the environment. This is what he has been waiting for.