Consumers Choice Property Consultants Inc. provides Property Condition Assessment Services

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Building Sciences

Property Condition Assessment or ICI property and Building Inspection provides building owners with an overall view of the conditions of the property or building so that they can plan for future major repair or replacement.

In most general PCA (property Condition Assessment) we look at the anomalies of the building problems such as roof membrane failures, window leaks, building envelope deterioration, and mechanical and electrical system deficiencies and we prioritize the identified problems in terms of immediate, short term and long term basis so that the building owners can strategically plan out their capital expenses and work accordingly without any major disruptions.

Most PCAs are performed during the purchase of a building whereby a financial institution is requesting a due diligence to identify the overall condition, fatal flaws, and cash flow over a specified period of time before finalizing on the deal.

However, in-depth level of PCAs can be requested by the building owners for various reasons such as planning their assets management plan based on “Best Practices” and “Worst Case Scenario” usually over a period of 20 years.

Once the PCA plan in place, building owners can rely on getting the outstanding things done around the buildings in a strategic and manageable fashion.